Welcome to the website of the Kingston Junior Ice Hockey Club.

Ice Hockey is a great sport to watch, but an even better sport to play!!

The aim of the Kingston Junior Ice Hockey club is to provide the opportunity for children to experience the thrill of playing ice hockey, to develop their skills and to allow them the chance to play competitively in one of the Club´s teams.

You don´t need to be an expert skater to learn to play the game and it is a sport which is played by both boys and girls.

The club is based at the Hull Ice Arena and runs a number of teams from the Under 10's to the Under 18's and we also have an over 18's senior team which play in English National Ice Hockey League, all leagues being run by English Ice Hockey Association. Although we share the name and work with the Senior team in Hull, we are a seperate and independant organisation.

All of the club´s training sessions and games are overseen by qualified coaches and managers who have all undertaken the required checks in order to work with children.


The Kingston upon Hull junior programme (formerly Humberside) was started from humble beginnings back in September 1988, the first practice being run for the juniors by the then player/coach of the senior team. The first junior team to play competitively was the under 16´s team, the Blades. The following year an under 12´s team was formed, the Humdingers and in 1990 the Humberside Spitfires completed the group.

In 1992 a meeting was called to address the problems involved in running a club, representatives of all the teams at the time were present and a working group was formed and charged with the responsibility of returning with proposals which would help all the teams and groups that played ice hockey at the arena.

At a subsequent meeting it was proposed that the only way forward was to establish a club that could look after the interests of all the teams, so on Monday 20th September 1992 The Humberside Junior Ice Hockey Club was formed. Since that day the club has not looked back, we now have teams in the under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and English National leagues which play every weekend during the season.

Since its formation the Club has had some great successes with many players being selected for national and international duty. In 1996 the Club received the award for the best junior development system in the country and we also received it again in 2002, showing we do not intend to let things slip. A number of our teams have been crowned English Champions, while others have won European Tournaments.

The future for Kingston upon Hull Junior Ice Hockey Club looks good. The season 2001/2002 saw yet more successes with all our teams going from strength to strength, the jewel in the crown being the under 16´s winning the National Championships and being awarded under 16´s Sports Team of the City by Hull City Council.

Since then the under 10´s have won the National Championships in 2003, 2004 and 2005. The under 14´s were runners up in 2005 after a hard fought final. And last season 2012/13 our under 14´s were crowned National Champions.